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On October 14th and 15th, the Lévesque-Craighead Foundation held its Spaghetti Day fundraiser.  It was a great success thanks to the important participation of businesses and the people of the Bedford  area for the drive-thru service as well as for the lunch for the students and staff of Butler’s  school.

A total of 870 meals were served and the event raised an amount exceeding $ 19,000 which will be invested in the maintenance and development of health care for the people of Bedford and the Region.

Merci à tous nos bénévoles/ thank you to all volunteers.

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On May 20, the Lévesque-Craighead Foundation, in collaboration with the Chevaliers de Colomb de Bedford, held its annual fundraising Brunch which raised a total of $ 4 000.00. This money will be used to improve health services in Bedford.

We would like to say THANK YOU to our generous donors and the population of Bedford and surroundings for their great participation.

A total of 406 meals were served and the lucky winner of the half and half draw is Mr. Jean-Hugues Duhamel.

On the, picture from left to right, Mr. Pierre Lévesque Administrator, Mrs. Christine Tougas, Director, Mrs. Christiane Granger, President of the Lévesque-Craighead Foundation and Mr. Gilles Lemaire of the Knights of Columbus.


On May 21st 2017, the Fondation Lévesque-Craighead with the collaboration of the Chevaliers de Colomb of Bedford hosted a brunch benefit that raised 5000,00$. This money will serve in ameliorating the health services of Bedford.

Thank you to our generous donors and to Bedford and area's population for your great participation.  400 meals have been served. The winner of the half and half of the amount of $ 400.00 is Mr. Denis Monette.


On the picture from left to right there is Mr. Pierre Lévesque, administrator, Christiane Granger president, Christine Tougas, administrator of the Lévesque-Craighead foundation and Mr. Gilles Lemaire from the Chevaliers de Colomb.

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