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The Foundation


With more than $ 600,000.00 investment to date for Bedford and area health services.

Our mission is to ensure the maintenance and development of health care offered to clientele of Bedford & Region

It is a contribution to the improvementof health services users in Bedford and region;These are medical equipment for the CLSC and CHSLD Bedford;


This is a collaboration in the implementation of the Emergency and the medical clinic which is now a family medicine group (FMG) in Bedford;


It is the capital funding, to provide rehabilitation services, physiotherapy, occupational therapyat the CLSC in Bedford;


It is buying hundreds of pieces of equipment at the CLSC and CHSLD Bedford;


It is improvisé the quality of life of nursing home residents of Bedford, offering the man air conditioning system;


It is the pourchase of windows during the renovation of Eldercare Bedford.


These additional investments to improve the living conditions of the elderly Bedford Regions. Initial investment for the realization of building the retirement home of Les Villas des Rivières, Bedford. 

  • Buying aTV for the benefit of all residents.

  • Improve the landscape. 

  • Construction fan extension cabanon style to Les Villas des Rivières.




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